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My Vision is clear: to make Mobile Engagement work for everybody! Mobile Engagement is the act of engaging a user through available communications channels (broader than just ‘Messaging’), both inside and outside of an app. Any organisation around the world (whether Public sector or Private, profit or non-profit, large or…

About us

MrConnectivity was founded in 2013. Put simply, I live and breathe Mobile Engagement. I help organisations of any type and size organise and optimise their Engagement and Customer Experience with both existing and potential clients as well as another often forgotten group of people – their own team members!

James Williams is MrConnectivity. He has over 25 years’ experience in the field of Telecommunications, the last 15+ years immersed in the world of Customer Engagement. He lives and breathes Mobile Messaging, Omnichannel, Customer Experience, Customer Journey Orchestration, Mobile Subscriber Intelligence and Monetisation.

A particular area of expertise is Mobile Messaging, the key pillar of which today is Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS. He has helped Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Aggregators and Enterprises with all aspects of A2P SMS (a market for worth over $50 billion per year alone): Strategy, Training (Sales/Support/Carrier Relations), Vendor/Partner Selection, Marketing (including providing complete Website solutions), Service Launch, Business Development, Process Development, Monetisation and Revenue Assurance.

James speaks globally on Customer Engagement and works with both novice and seasoned entrepreneurs on scaling from an idea to a successful business. Leveraging his global network of industry contacts, James is also able to recruit personnel for clients rapidly and effectively.
Think Customer Engagement. Think MrConnectivity.


Jason Bryan
Founder & CEO ROCCO
The gel between companies and entrenpreneurs

While most people consider they have strong professional networks, few have the connections and connect-ability James does!

Mobile Engagement sleeps for no one. Ensuring great Customer Experience by leaving no stone unturned in any customer journey process is something all organisations need to be doing 24/7/365. With a diverse portfolio of clients globally, no two days are the same for me...