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Our Vision is clear: to make Mobile Engagement work for everybody! Mobile Engagement is the act of engaging a user through available communications channels (broader than just ‘Messaging’), both inside and outside of an app. Any organisation around the world (whether Public sector or Private, profit or non-profit, large or…

About us

MrConnectivity was founded in 2013. Put simply, we live and breathe Mobile Engagement. We help organisations of any type and size optimise their engagement with both existing and potential clients and also another often forgotten group of people – their own team members!

MrConnectivity helps organisations of any size and type optimise engagement with both existing and potential clients as well as another frequently overlooked group – their own employees and team members!

The Consultancy services we offer provide organisations with the optimal mobile-focused engagement solutions to meet any goal. MrConnectivity enhances operational efficiency, relationship stickiness, revenues and margins.

MrConnectivity has a network of global technology providers, connectivity partners and support organisations that we can call upon in order to package the optimal solution for you.

Our vision is clear: The strategic optimisation of Engagement employing a Mobile-Focused Omnichannel approach through the provision of Sustainable, Quality, Secure Services.

We know that not everything comes down to just technology and processes. We take a personal approach to business and have a vested interest in ensuring the long term success of any investment your organisation makes in us.






Jason Bryan
Founder & CEO ROCCO
The gel between companies and entrenpreneurs

While most people consider they have strong professional networks, few have the connections and connect-ability as James and his team!

The Mobile Engagement survey created by ROCCO is closing in the coming days so if your organisation is interested in being part of it, complete it soon! The data will then be collated, numbers crunched and the report written. We will be back with you in the coming few weeks once everything is ready